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Quintinha Ltd. is a certified company dedicated to the sale and home delivery (in the Porto area) of certified Organic Farming Products in appropriate vans, by courier or courier.

In our range of products, you can find fruits, vegetables, legumes, jams, olive oil and oils, rice, sugar, organic drinks, cereals, biscuits, coffee, preserves, seasonings and more. We have at your disposal all kinds of groceries that your family needs, coming from exclusively organic and certified raw material.
In our store, you will be able to find everything from the traditional type of grocery store, to products intended for people with specific nutritional needs, or who want to add more variety to their meals!
All these products can also be added to your Fruit and Vegetable Basket and delivered at home. We also have gift baskets available for healthy gifts to your family and friends.
For more information or to access the price of the products, please contact us at [email protected]
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